Monday, January 28, 2019


Every now and then we love to spend an afternoon with the kids meandering around downtown...getting coffee, visiting the bookstore, and walking through the parks are just a few of our favorite spots.
It usually involves lots of jumping games and climbing trees to entertain us along the way. 

I was recently asked if Laurel has kept it's small town charm since the airing of HGTV's HomeTown. I would answer that, "Absolutely, it has!" Laurel has always been charming and it makes me happy to see other people coming in and enjoying it with us. I love sharing the things I love, including my town! One of the things I like best about the folks in Laurel is how they pull you in and make you feel like you're part of the community. 

If you haven't already planned a trip, what are you waiting for?? 

Here's a few of our favorite family friendly spots!

Lauren Rogers Museum of Art-Mississippi's first art museum and always a MUST SEE! There will be a Leontyne Price exhibit soon I hear!

Trustmark Art Park-This is a great little space to let the kids run around that's in the heart of downtown.

Cottage Books- this is a little book nook located inside Southern Antiques (a great store to walk has 2 floors of shopping!)

Handmade - looking for an indoor activity?? Handmade is your place to get CREATIVE.

Laurel Mainstreet has a ton of wonderful events throughout the year as well...coming soon is the Magnolia State Bank Chili Cook Off!

YWCO of Laurel - family bingo night as well as classes and activities for all ages

See you in Laurel, friends!


Monday, January 14, 2019


Is there such thing as too much pink? I sure hope not! 
When Anne originally wanted to redo her room it was going to be navy/gold with lots of stars. Well, you see where we arrived...with lots of blush PINK, white, and gold accents. This helped a lot because it didn't require me to paint the walls, which I really hate doing.
Decorating for an eleven year old is kind of tricky. Finding the balance between a teen/kid room can be quite challenging. 
The little doll bookshelf is what Michael's dad built for her when she was just a baby! Definitely sentimental about it, but I think we will end up replacing it soon with floor to ceiling built in shelves.
We also plan to add a small ballet bar for her birthday next month. 
I'll update this post as we continue to make changes!
I pretty much gave Anne free reign to style her desk area. The nutcracker doll was a recent purchase from the Dillard's New Year's Day sale. Anne fell in love and said he couldn't be packed up with the other Christmas items.
Anne is now a happy camper and so am I! We had a great time doing this together and it really set me on a cleaning out streak that is still going...well, this and Marie Kondo! 

Bedding, rug, llama lamp, round gold shelf, canopy, never grow up pillow, heart wall art
side table- amazon
Floral Art Print- Lindsay Miller, Good Soil


Monday, January 7, 2019


hello friends! it's so hard to believe it's 2019 and I started this blog over 9 years ago. i definitely haven't been as consistent as i would like, but it is still one of my favorite things to have this little space on the internet to look back over the years. this past year was quite the roller coaster. we were not without heartache as well as joy. i can look at each of us and see how we have grown so much.
anne is almost 12 and i am already seeing glimpses of what it will be like to have a teenager. can i tell you though...I am nothing but excited about the time i have with this girl. she is the sweetest thing and i'm trying to enjoy every stage of this parenting gig.
liam is a fun-loving, full of life boy! he is kind hearted and loves his momma most...which of course i love!
michael and i celebrated 16 years of marriage and i can honestly say it keeps getting better. he started a new job this year that brought him close to home and it has been so fun having him be home more and able to spend more time with all of us. his heart is constantly striving to search and know God better and lead this family in a way that would honor him. i feel so incredibly blessed to have him by my side.
so, here's to 2019. may it be a filled with adventure and making fun memories with these guys!