Friday, December 12, 2014


My beautiful and talented sister took some family pictures of us last weekend.  It is crazy how hard you have to work to get a decent picture with an almost 2 year old running around!  We were literally throwing Liam into the air in between photos just to try and get him to smile.   Thankfully she got a few that I just LOVE.
I went cheap again this year, and ordered photo cards from Walgreens.  I always want those nice paper cards that people send, but in the end I really hate spending hundreds of dollars for something like Christmas cards.  It also doesn't help that I'm usually just now getting around to ordering, so it's a little late to get the high quality cards.
I do wish all of you a merry christmas season.  This is hands down my favorite time of year.  I'm definitely looking forward to two weeks home with my family!

Monday, December 8, 2014


We took the kids to see Santa on Saturday down the street at the antique mall.  He was a really good Santa...a real beard and everything!
Anne told him about the stuffed tiger and doll house that she wants for Christmas.  Unfortunately the doll house already sold...I'm not gonna say to whom. (cough, cough)
Liam just wanted to play with the toys and run around, so a picture with Santa was not on his list of things to do.

He had a nice shiner from falling off the couch and into the coffee table last week.  That's how these things usually go, right?
Now that I'm officially over the flu,  I am really looking forward to enjoying the Christmas season.  Anne and I have a ton of Christmas crafts we want to make and we're trying to find a time to go look at Christmas lights.  Are there any really great light displays that you know of in our area?

Saturday, December 6, 2014


Today was the first day all week that I've felt like getting out of bed.  Having the flu does that to you.  Thankfully today was the most festive day of the year with Pancake Day and the Laurel Christmas Parade.
Having been sick, we didn't want to risk getting up close and personal with the folks over at the YWCO to eat pancakes.  So for the first time ever, we got to go plates.
It wasn't so bad, but I sure missed the atmosphere.
Then it was parade time.  We have the longest parade in the state which lasts about an hour every year.  You're bound to see you're friends, family, and co workers at some point.
The WWII planes were new this year.  They flew over right as the parade was starting.
Then there was the JCJC marching band and Mr. Brown.  He was one of Michael and my favorite band directors from Jones.  He's retiring this year which kind of makes me sad, but at the same time, happy for him.
And the grand marshals were two guys from Duck Dynasty...not sure of their names.
After things settled down, we got the kids dressed to go see Santa at the Antique Mall.  This picture of Liam poking Anne completely tickled me.  I could totally see into the future when he's going to be trying his best to get her attention!
Later this evening, we made a grocery run and Liam and I took pictures to entertain us while Michael and Anne went in.  His personality is really starting to shine these days!
We wrapped up the day by driving around and looking at Christmas lights around town.  Everything looks so magical with twinkle lights!
Even our loft is looking pretty festive.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Do y'all have the time hop app?  I have to say, this is a nice little blast from the past each morning.  I always forget about it until that little notification pops up and then I take a minute to stroll down memory lane. 
Today's post started with our church Christmas party from 3 years ago.
Then went on to show posts I made on twitter or facebook from this day 3 years ago...some of which make me giggle a little.  I've always hated reading my past posts...they always seem a little silly.
I do love this app though...always a fun way to start the day!

Monday, December 1, 2014


Living in south Mississippi means fall comes a little later and stays a little longer.  Now that most of the country has had their first snow, we're finally seeing some color in the leaves--which is my favorite thing!  
We had a nice visit with Michael's dad last week while we were on Thanksgiving break.  He always spoils us by buying lots of junk food and letting us watch too much TV. He snapped some pictures of the kids playing outside one afternoon and I just loved how they turned out.  It was cold out, but it didn't stop them from having a good time! 
This pink tricycle was Anne's.  I think she got it for her 3rd Christmas, and now Liam is almost big enough to ride it.  Until then, he's happy with you pushing him on it as long as you don't try to hold the handle bars.  He wants to do all the steering himself!