Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Liam turned 18 months old last week and it's killing me to think that we are on the down hill to having a two year old!  He is just the funniest little kid.  Some things he's been doing lately?

Saying cheeeeese! When he sees my phone he'll say cheese...I guess he's smart because he knows I take LOTS of pictures of him.
Being cute all the time and he's constantly making us laugh.

Some other stats on this cutie:
26 pounds and some change
32 inches tall
currently has 16 teeth
still hasn't gotten his first haircut
words he says...papa, bye bye, anne, mama and daddy (only occasionally), hey, pepper, please, cheese, thank you, mmmmmmmm (when he's eating),
favorite games: chase, wrestling, and still loves reading
favorite foods: strawberries, pineapple, mandarin oranges, pb&j sandwiches, raisins, goldfish

He starts school tomorrow and I'm hoping all goes well!  Say a prayer for us if you're the praying type!

Saturday, August 9, 2014


When Anne was two Michael's granddaddy, Dink, built this table for her.  Liam is just now getting big enough to really enjoy it too.  We had the best time hanging out and drawing things the other day.  Liam is surprisingly good at holding a crayon when he's not trying to eat it!  I love that he's getting to the age where something can hold his attention for a little while (like 2-3 minutes!)  He loves looking at/reading books, and now I think we can add coloring to that list too.  It made me super happy to see the two of them sitting together and entertaining each other and themselves.  I couldn't be happier to be these kids' mom!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


It's hard to believe that our summer is already over.  We did pretty much exactly what I said we would...with the exception of going to the beach (which I'm super sad about!)  It's ok though.  We did get to do lots of swimming, puppy training, playing, taking trips to the library, eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (thanks to being on a tight budget), and best of all I got to spend a lot of time with my kiddos.  So, all in all I'd say it was a win :)
I'm surprisingly ready to start school though.  It will be good to change up our routine a bit.  Liam will be splitting his time between Papa and daycare and we're excited for him.  I think being around other kids will be fun for him and he will learn so much.  He'll actually have the same teacher that Anne did at this age.
For the past two weeks I've spent as much time as possible working in my classroom and planning for this year.  I am praying that it will be my best yet.  I've got some really great 6th graders coming up that are smart, funny, and exciting to teach. (They were my 5th graders last year, so I already know them well.)  And I'm hearing really good things about the 5th grade as well.  So, I'm excited.
Not promising to keep cobwebs off this space over the next months...but I'm hoping to be back sooner than later!
I hope all of you back to schoolers have wonderful first days!!!
xoxo, Dawn

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


We had a fig party this week, and by fig party I mean we made lots of strawberry figs!
The last time Susan and I got to make figs was three years ago and there was only one child between the two of us...now there are four which makes things a little more interesting!
When Adam heard that we were making figs, he and Fincher came over to join in the fun and eat a biscuit when the jam was done!
It was a fun and busy day, but we've got 20 pints of jam and that's definitely worth the hard work!

If you've got access to figs and want to make some here ya go!

4 cups of blended figs
3 cups of sugar
2 small boxes of strawberry jello

Mix all ingredients in a large boiler.  Once the mixture comes to a boil, start your timer for seven minutes continuing to stir.  Remove from heat after 7 minutes. Pour into sterilized jars and seal.  Let cool.  
Yields 5 half pints per recipe.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Our summer is winding down quickly and I'm kind of getting into that panic mode that happens 2 weeks before school starts.  The one where I start dreading school and having to be on a schedule, and also get really excited about school and getting on a schedule.  haha...I know I'm not the only one that feels this way, but gosh it's so conflicting.  I think having babies to tend to make it a little harder to want to get on a school routine.  Obviously I'll be with Anne so that's no biggie, but I'm so sad to have to leave Liam everyday.  He's grown so much this summer.  Not just in size but he's talking so much and getting so much personality!  He's constantly entertaining us...between he and his big sister we are never lacking in the entertainment department!
So we're gonna try to pack as much fun as we can into the next few weeks.  We started today with a trip to SnoBiz...can't believe we haven't gone the first time this summer!
As you can see, everyone enjoyed it!
I'm looking forward to working in my classroom tomorrow.  Nothing like a good work day to get you in the mood for school!
xo, Dawn