Monday, July 23, 2018


Michael and I have recently decided that we want to live a debt free lifestyle...starting with essentially paying off any debt besides our house. Thankfully several years ago we went through Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University and have not acquired too much debt over the past several years. What we haven't done, is managed our money well. We have inherited a little money here and there which has mostly kept any small debt paid off, but we have never managed to stick to our budget or SAVE! 

We have started our journey to paying off about $79,100 worth of debt--I know, I said we didn't have much debt and that looks like a really big number. Most of that number is what we owe on a building we own and rent out..we have always looked at it like an investment property but have decided we wouldn't be too sad to part with it. We are currently trying to sell it with hopes of getting out of all debt quickly. Fingers crossed we find a buyer that will do something amazing with it. It's located in the heart of our downtown area and has so much potential!

This would also allow us to have our 6 month emergency fund in place so we could begin to pay off our house. I feel so incredibly blessed that we are starting at this place. Michael and I both are so thankful that we didn't have student loans or much credit card debt to start with...we are looking forward to GIVING more when we can. We both have a heart for missions and local ministries that we would love to be able to support more.

DISCLAIMER: Before starting this journey, we had already planned a Disney vacation with our family this fall. While I am SO very excited, I feel a little guilty since vacationing isn't on the list to get out of debt. BUT, I plan to enjoy it and keep plugging along on this journey like it never happened ;) If you'd like to follow along, I've created an instagram account to track our journey @debtfreeinsouthms

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