Thursday, February 22, 2018


My friend Hope and I have a little book store in Laurel and shortly after we started, we formed a book club. It's been great for me! I have read several books that I probably never would have picked up otherwise and ended up loving them...or at least having some really great discussion based on them.

This past month we chose the young adult novel, Wonder. It was such a great, quick read that really made me examine my heart on some issues with how I'm raising my kids and teaching them to be kind. Not to mention that Anne picked it up and read it in three days when I finished! It was cool to get to discuss this with her and hear her thoughts on this book as a 5th grader herself.

Definitely recommend if you love a good heartfelt story about overcoming hardships. And I hear the movie is great but haven't had a chance to watch yet.

One of my favorite quotes:



Wednesday, February 21, 2018


One of the things I dream about is traveling the country in a little Airstream camper. I totally think I could home school my kids and explore the world and be a happy camper. *pun intended!

This past weekend we spent a night camping at Big Creek-which is only 15 minutes from our house...not exactly traveling in my camper, but we sure did have a great time! The kids were giddy at the idea and couldn't wait to get there. The weather was perfect and we soaked up some much needed family time.

Anne caught a big catfish and Liam learned how to cast his fishing pole. He didn't too much care for touching the worms, and I can't blame him. Those wiggly wet things are so gross! It's amazing how much life you can squeeze into just a 20 hour period at the lake.

These two are such troopers. They are eager to go on adventures and are growing into the coolest humans I've ever known. God has blessed us big!
For all you Laurel folks, I highly recommend a night at Big Creek. It's beautiful and well maintained, and close enough to home that you can squeeze a lot of fun into a short amount of time!

Wednesday, February 7, 2018


If you've known me very long, you know that I’ve been an active person most of my life. I played just about every sport growing up and loved dancing in college. I loved community and most of all the ACCOUNTABILITY. Once I moved on to the “real” world, the world where exercise wasn’t naturally built in + an unhealthy relationship with food, I began to quickly become less healthy. Fitness has been a love of mine for years but was the first thing to take a back seat when kids started to come and it wasn’t easy anymore. I know that I like a challenge and I enjoy working out WITH people. I’m a bit of an extrovert if you didn’t know. ;)

Back in the fall of last year I committed to getting healthier, and I was super nervous to make it too big of a deal. I was so afraid of setting myself up for failure. I wanted to make some BIG life changes though. Not just losing weight or building muscle, but I wanted to be healthy all around. I wanted to be more in God’s word and growing in my faith. I wanted to make strides to take care of this body that God has given me. I know I’m not the only one out there with this desire—we ALL desire that! The hardest thing I’ve had to learn is that there is no quick fix or magic pill that will change my body. It takes hard work and commitment…making good, healthy choices over and over again day in and day out. (Something I still struggle with daily!)

I have LOVED being a part of a community of women over the past several weeks that has offered me support and encouragement daily, which has given me the desire to help others.

I have decided to become a fitness coach which means that I would love to link arms with other ladies and walk on this journey TOGETHER! I already feel so much better mentally and physically and have more energy! I say all this to share a little of me with you just in case you need a little push and accountability. I would love to share my journey along the way and encourage you on yours as well.