Wednesday, January 3, 2018

HAPPY 2018

This little space has been much neglected over the past few years. It's funny how at the beginning of every year there is always a little sadness, because I WANT to blog more, but sure enough it doesn't end up happening. I think part of the reason is that I put too much pressure on myself to make it something super high quality/special, when in reality it's my space...with my thoughts and pictures...and it's for ME. With that at the forefront of my mind, I'm gonna try to take the pressure off and hopefully use this space that has brought me so much joy in the past. I want to share more of our life here...because let's be honest, this is as close to a baby/childhood book my kiddos are getting.

As I look forward to this upcoming year, there are no major goals or New Years resolutions--other than the typical be better at everything I'm already trying to do.

I love that some of you have chosen words to focus on for the year and I've decided my word will be H O M E.  To focus on the time spent here with the ones I love most, the meals prepared, games played, conversations that result in growth. Making Jesus the center of it all. Only then can anything good come...even in the midst of the trials and hard times that are sure to come in 2018, he makes them bearable and "good." I'm thankful for a father that loves me when I'm unlovable and continues to patiently teach me how to abide in him.

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