Wednesday, May 24, 2017


These past few months have felt like a blur. We've been running in all directions like chickens with our heads cut off. Thankfully summer has peeked it's head and hopefully bringing a slower pace with least for the kids and me.  
Michael and I both have been settling into our new jobs and routines and that has been quite an adjustment. I am loving being at the YWCO. It is such a great organization and I'm excited about the future and watching it continue to grow! Michael's job at NASA has been challenging--mostly because of his long commute to Stennis each day. It's not easy to spend 20 hours a week on the road. Otherwise the Trests are doing really well. 
Anne just wrapped up 4th grade and Liam completed K3. Both are excited about a break this summer! My babies are not such babies anymore and it's so bittersweet. Can't say enough how proud I am of them though...Anne is such a helper and always wanting to please us and make us proud. Liam is so fun right now and becoming more independent daily. We are hoping he will learn to swim this summer!
I hope you all are well too! Looking forward to blogging more now that we have settled into our schedules a bit!