Wednesday, January 25, 2017


One thing I love is a well organized space. Now, I'm not saying that my home and life are always tidy and perfectly put together...but it's always a wonderful feeling when I do get to clean/organize a space. Even if I get to enjoy it for a short amount of time!

This past weekend Anne and I spent a few hours cleaning her closet and going through clothes. When you have a 9 year old that is a pack rat, bedrooms are seriously a nightmare. Any mama's out there with me on that??? I could blame this all on her, but honestly she did not have adequate space for the amount of clothing she had. We went through everything...making stacks to donate, throw away, and what may not fit until next year.

We are very thankful for clothes that are passed down to Anne from friends, but I think you have to have a system in place for managing that. We keep a tub in the top of her closet for clothes that are a little too big or not in the right season.

3 Things that can help your closet feel better

1. I love the shoe organizers that fit behind the closet door. Otherwise, this is a totally wasted space. They are great for shoes, but also for scarves, hair accessories, or any other small items that need a home.

2. Having some type of low shelving is great for a kid's closet too. It helps give extra toys a home that otherwise constantly clutter the floor. It also looks really nice with little attention. I have a thing for baskets...I have a ton and like to use them to store things ...for Anne's closet we needed a little more space for clothes, so we used baskets for dance clothes and underwear and socks.

3. I don't often get to do this with the crazy MS weather, but it really does help if you can change out clothing with the seasons. Even moving coats and jackets to a tub in the off season can help tremendously! As I type this, my closet is not at all seasonal...but it IS on the to do list :)

I also think that to manage a kid's closet, the trick is to stay on top of it. I mean, they grow like weeds so what fits today isn't necessarily going to fit next week! I like to keep a bag or box in the laundry room for clothes that no longer fit as they come out of the dryer...this way they never make it back into the bedroom!

If you have any great closet organizing tricks, I'd love to hear them. Next up is Liam's closet!

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