Thursday, April 9, 2015


We had one of the best times this weekend.  Michael had reached a little break in his paper so we got to spend some much needed family time together!  The weather was also nice and Liam got to join Anne in the Easter egg hunt this year!  He would squeal every time he spotted an about cute!!!

Fincher decided getting pushed in the swing was a lot more fun than running around looking for eggs!

Gran is such a beautiful lady.  I'm thankful to still have grandparents (even if they're biologically Michael's!)  She absolutely lights up when she gets to see these babies, and getting to watch them hunt eggs and play in the yard was the highlight of the day.
Once all the eggs were found, it was down to the pond to feed Dink's fish.  The kids love doing this!
I know they'll always have sweet memories of going to Gran and Dink's house, and that make me so happy!

Every holiday gets more and more fun with these kiddos!  I hope your Easter was filled with fun and family as well.  

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