Tuesday, January 13, 2015


I spent a day last week cleaning off my sewing table.  It's been quite a while since it was used regularly.  I have been wanting to get back to it though.  For the past three years I've focused on our family and teaching, but I'm ready to get creative again and make some things for hello dearie.  It's hard for me to believe that it's been five years since we started this thing.  Here are a few of my first posts here.  When we started I had no idea how much I would love blogging and creating handmade things, or the community that I would soon fall in love with.  I'm so thankful for all these things, and the times that I got to spend doing all of this with one of my favorite people. 
Now, it's just me (with the support of my family and friends) but I'm ready to forge ahead and continue the things that we started way back then.
I've decided to make our beloved bunnies again.  Thankfully I had a few arms and legs left from before to get us started!
I've also got a few helpers in training.  It makes my heart full that Anne is so interested in learning to sew!  She and Lily had their first lesson and made a simple little drawstring bag.  I was super impressed at how well they picked it up.  These girls will be big help when it comes to turning out arms and legs!
I don't know what the future holds, but I'm trusting God and letting him guide me.  I'm overwhelmed by his goodness and how he cares about the little things in my life.  


  1. Dawn:

    My co-workers and I just read your sweet and touching blog entry during lunch today. Admittedly, it made me tear-up.

    You are a very talented and strong person. I’m glad to see you are inspired to start sewing again and I can’t wait to see what God has planned for you and your wonderful family. I know it is something very special.

    Don’t forget---I want to get a bunny for my nephew, Tyler, and a bunny for my niece, Madyson. And, Corinne Day in my office wants to get a bunny for her great-niece, Lucy, who was recently adopted from China. (I know you may be over-whelmed with orders at the moment, so no rush at all on our bunnies. Take your time.)

    Your long-time blog stalker,

    1. Thank you Alisha! You are encouraging me so much! I will definitely put you down for those bunnies :)

  2. You know, just a thought...how would you feel about making a bunch of bunnies for Christmas? Our law firm partners with other law firms in Jackson to donate toys to the local children's home and families in need. If you are interested and think you would have the time, our firm could buy a big ole batch of bunnies from you to give to the children. I know it's almost a year away, but maybe talking about it this early in the year would give you tons of time to prepare. If you are interested, I would be super excited to talk to you about it. My email is donevanslawfirm@bellsouth.net and my office phone number is 601.969.2006.


    1. Wow! That awesome that you guys do that! It's definitely something that I would love to contribute to if possible!

  3. thanks for the ideas , I'd love to stick to your weblog as generally as i can.have a great day

  4. Dawn, it is so great to hear that you are starting back. I love that Anne is picking it up and has an interest in what you and Mrs. Cyndi were doing together. I can't believe how much she and Lily have grown! I'm looking forward to seeing your new creations.