Saturday, December 6, 2014


Today was the first day all week that I've felt like getting out of bed.  Having the flu does that to you.  Thankfully today was the most festive day of the year with Pancake Day and the Laurel Christmas Parade.
Having been sick, we didn't want to risk getting up close and personal with the folks over at the YWCO to eat pancakes.  So for the first time ever, we got to go plates.
It wasn't so bad, but I sure missed the atmosphere.
Then it was parade time.  We have the longest parade in the state which lasts about an hour every year.  You're bound to see you're friends, family, and co workers at some point.
The WWII planes were new this year.  They flew over right as the parade was starting.
Then there was the JCJC marching band and Mr. Brown.  He was one of Michael and my favorite band directors from Jones.  He's retiring this year which kind of makes me sad, but at the same time, happy for him.
And the grand marshals were two guys from Duck Dynasty...not sure of their names.
After things settled down, we got the kids dressed to go see Santa at the Antique Mall.  This picture of Liam poking Anne completely tickled me.  I could totally see into the future when he's going to be trying his best to get her attention!
Later this evening, we made a grocery run and Liam and I took pictures to entertain us while Michael and Anne went in.  His personality is really starting to shine these days!
We wrapped up the day by driving around and looking at Christmas lights around town.  Everything looks so magical with twinkle lights!
Even our loft is looking pretty festive.

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