Thursday, November 6, 2014


We had a super busy Halloween weekend planned --trick or treating, birthday parties, and our church fall festival.  But Liam started running a high fever early Friday morning and that threw a little kink in our plans.  Turns out he had a touch of pneumonia and some kind of fever virus where he broke out in a rash.  After a shot and getting started on all his meds, he was actually feeling a lot better by that evening.  So even though it was cool out, we decided to at least let him trick or treat at one house.  We had to have pictures!!

Michael and I had been planning all week that we would dress as Mary Poppins and Bert--just my favorite child hood movie of all time!!!

Anne and Liam were sporting a minion and Mike Wosowski--a few of our other favorite characters!

And after Liam trick or treated from the Stancill's we sent he and Michael home to get out of the cold while we walked and visited with lots of other spooky characters.

We ran into lots of friends along 6th Avenue.  This street is truly magical on Halloween night.  

And after Michael left with Liam, Brooke took over the part of Bert...she's such a good sport.

Even though Liam was sick, we still managed to have a really good weekend.
I hope you got to enjoy it with family and friends too!


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