Wednesday, July 2, 2014


I love this quote so much.  I tend to always be a planner, so it's hard to be content with what's happening right now on the journey.  I'm always looking forward or thinking about the future, which can be a good thing.  But I think this quote just states that both matter.  The end point and the journey.  The end point gives the journey purpose.
I'm currently reading The Paris Wife. Have you read it yet?  It follows the story of Ernest Hemingway meeting and marrying his first wife, Hadley Richardson.  It's been so interesting and I feel like I'm meeting all of these people in real life.  As new people/characters are introduced in the book, I find myself googling them and devouring any information about their lives...Ezra Pound, Gertrude Stein, Harold Loeb are just a few of my new acquaintances.  It's been really fun to kind of immerse myself in their world each night as I read.  And then it makes me unbelievably thankful for my husband....that he is devoted to me and loves only me.  I feel sad for anyone who has ever had to go through betrayal and adultery.  I feel like it must be one of the worst things a person could have to endure.

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