Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Puppy training has proven to be a large task.  For the first few days we had decided that we would try to train her using puppy pads. We mainly did this because I thought it would be impossible to carry the dog outside every hour (or more) living downtown in a loft AND having a toddler.  It was overwhelming to think about for me. But the pads didn't last since I can't stand the thought of pee and poop being all over our floors, and she just really wasn't getting the concept.  
Saturday we decided that she'd have to learn to go outside.  And I'm really happy to say that it's been going really great :)   She's only had one accident in the house since then, so I'd definitely say she's a smart pup.

I'm a super proud mama of this little girl.  She has been taking her job of caring for Pepper very seriously and hasn't complained once about taking her out or playing with her.  

And this guy mostly just terrorizes the puppy....but isn't he a cutie???

We've been taking lots of walks lately which has been SO GOOD for me!  I love our town and how it seems like you run into people around every corner that you know (and some that we don't but end up chatting with for a while!)

Pepper also, enjoys car rides.  She's the snuggliest little thing.

All this work seems to be worth it :)


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