Sunday, June 15, 2014


When I pulled Liam out of the bath this morning, he got away and started playing before I could even get a diaper on him.  Instead of doing too much chasing, I grabbed the camera to capture the cuteness of this sweet baby.  He loves when I brush his hair after his bath...he'll stand in the mirror just smiling and laughing at himself.
He kept grinning at me like he knew he wasn't supposed to be naked, but was really enjoying it.
I'm sure we can all relate to that :)
clean baby
Then he started playing the congos that go with the donkey conga game that we haven't played in ages...speaking of, I think I'd like to drag that back out again.  I'm sure Anne and Liam would love it!
clean baby
The he dropped it on his toe, which I'm sure hurt really badly.
But it was no time before he was happy again and playing.
clean baby
clean baby
I can't get enough of these precious curls.  I hope he always has curly hair.
clean baby
Then I started getting nervous that he was gonna pee on the floor.  Lord knows we're doing enough of that with a new puppy, so I chased him down and strapped on a diaper.


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