Monday, May 26, 2014


Anne has asked for a dog since she was old enough to ask for anything, but we have always said no. Mostly because we lived in a very small apartment for a while, then I was pregnant, then we had a baby.  You know, life was constantly happening, so who had time to raise a puppy?!  Around Christmas time this year I started to cave though.  I was thinking of how grown up she is and I wanted her to experience having a puppy while she was still young. I promised her we would get one this summer since we would be home most of the time to train it.  Well, summer is here and a puppy we have!

Anne say's this has been the happiest day of her life. 
 She also told Pepper, "this is your new home, downtown.  Living the life."  
 I couldn't help but giggle a little.

You'll be seeing lots of this around town.  I hope you'll stop us and say hi!

Liam also loves Pepper.  I'm just not sure how much Pepper loves him!

P.S. I've inherited a new computer from Michael, so hopefully there'll be a lot more blogging to come!  Yippee!!!

xo, Dawn

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