Monday, October 14, 2013


I'm posting this blog from my phone...And I hate blogging from my phone. Mostly because I can't size my pictures and who likes typing on their phone? 
Several weeks ago Liam sat on my computer screen and killed it. That's been my latest excuse for not writing. 
To be honest life has been really hard lately...and since I try very hard to keep this a positive place there hasn't been a whole lot to say. But I miss blogging and thought I'd share what's on my heart. 
 Everything really is great (when I put things in perspective) but it's just a very hard season for our family at the moment. Michael is working every minute he can on his dissertation, taking a night class, working full time, teaching, and has many responsibilities at church. That just leaves little time for anything else. As Bilbo said, "he's like butter spread over too much bread."  
That leaves me feeling very much like a single parent most days.  I don't mind it a lot of the time.  I consider myself a very strong, independent person. But some days it seems like it's more than we can bear.  I know that he loves us more than anything and all of this work will be worth it soon. Soon as in hopefully graduation next December! :) 
I love our life.  I am trying my best to enjoy every moment...even the hard ones. I have so much to be thankful for, but it sure will be nice when I get my husband back!
P.S. there's a whole lot more I'd like to share...but at this point this tiny screen is killing my eyes and I don't want to type another word on this, until next time! 

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