Saturday, October 26, 2013


Tonight Papa took Lily, Anne and me to the fair.  We left Michael at home with the babe since he's been fighting an ear infection for the past week and it was cold (perfect fair weather!!)  Even though we missed them, we had the best time...

The girls rode every kiddy ride in sight and papa and I got our fix on fair foods for the year.

Then we met up with RJ and all rode the Ferris Wheel.  I think I may be a little afraid of heights..not sure I was still breathing while we sat at the top!
This poor funnel cake didn't last long with two six year old girls devouring it!

It was definitely a fun night!  And I'm so thankful my husband has already informed me that I can sleep in in the morning...I'll be taking him up on that offer!

xo, Dawn


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