Tuesday, August 27, 2013


These two kiddos just make my heart burst with love.  Even though Liam has only been with us for 6 1/2 months it's hard to imagine life with out him.  And all of this love brings me to these thoughts...

I got to thinking this morning during our devotion at school about miracles.  Our devotion was a story of a man that had several medical problems and the church he attended prayed and God healed him.  My first reaction to these stories is..."there's no way this really happened."  As I talked to my kids about this, I told them that God can heal, and sometimes does heal.  BUT even when he doesn't, He is still good.  I always like to think of the end of Narnia when they are discussing Aslan's character.  "He isn't tame, but he is good."  I think that's one lesson that God has really taught me over the past two years.  His plan doesn't fit inside my little box and doesn't always go according to what I wish or plan.  

At times I can worry myself sick over "what ifs..."  what if something happens to Michael, what if something happens to Anne or Liam...and on down the list.  But really, the reality of it is when will something happen.  I know it's coming.  The good times come right along with the bad and it's only a matter of time before someone I love is hurt or worse.  The only thing that keeps me from completely going crazy at this realization is that God is good.  He loves me and even when the bad times come, He will still be with me.  And that has to be enough.  My relationship with Christ has to be enough.  Otherwise, I'm doomed.  

I say all this to say, the hope of Christ surpasses everything.  I hope you know this hope as well.


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