Tuesday, July 2, 2013


We all spend a lot of time in this room...I guess it's the comfy couch that calls to us!  I seriously LOVE this couch.  I tell everyone it's the best money we've ever spent.
This is a really big room and that's a great problem to have, but over the past year I've had a hard time trying to create spaces within this room.  I wanted it to feel cozy and comfortable, and be functional.  I think it's finally headed in the right direction. 
We have an eclectic style and love to collect things that mean some thing to us.  A lot of the artwork in our home was created by my BIL Adam and other artists in our area.  Adam's work continues to amaze us.  I tell him I'm glad to use our house as his gallery!
My father in law makes stained glass, and this was his first piece.  All of our windows are filled with his beautiful work.
We added the piano a few months ago and I think it's been the perfect addition to the music corner of the room.  Anne probably gets to use this area the most.  (Only because she has the most free time!)  It makes me happy to hear her singing and playing even if she doesn't really play yet.  Anyone know a good piano teacher in our area?

Thanks for "stopping by" today.  If you're ever near, come on in and say hello!  We'll have coffee and sit on this comfy couch!
xo, Dawn


  1. I don't know if she's still teaching or in the area, but Beth Parker used to teach private lessons at LCS. I took piano lessons for 9 years with someone else and then switched to her, and I LOVED her!! I think she would have been amazing to have for the entirety of my piano lesson time! (Although I loved my other teacher too. I don't think she's teaching anymore though...) Also... I love your place! Is it weird that I've been there before when y'all weren't home? Adam took me on a tour a while back. :) can't wait to see the rest of your home via pictures!

    1. Thanks Miranda! I'm sure our house was a wreck when Adam brought you through :) As hard as I try not to I'm afraid that's how it is more times than not!

    2. If it was a wreck, I don't remember it that way! Granted, my apartment typically looks like a tornado has swept through.... So nothing ever looks messy to me! :)

  2. So beautiful! I love it. So inviting & cozy!

    1. Thanks Sam! That's exactly how we want it to feel :)