Wednesday, July 3, 2013


When we first moved in last year this was just my sewing room.  I had big plans of making lots of wonderful things in here, but then I was pregnant and sickly and this room quickly became a place to put stuff that didn't really have a home.
When it came time to clean out we also needed a place for this bed that Michael's grandmother gave us.  It's the bed she was born in and slept in with her two sisters growing up.  It's so special to us, and we could never get rid of it.  We slept in it for the first 4 years of marriage then upgraded to a queen when I realized Michael could barely fit his long legs in here.  All that to say, the sewing room became the guest room as well.

This is our wedding quilt that Michael's mom and I made.  It was the first real quilt I was ever a part of, and it has over 1700 pieces.  I remember when I picked out this pattern...Cyndi said "It may take us a while."  Three years later we finally finished quilting it.  I love that our elderly neighbor, Mrs. Sadler, also had a hand in the quilting.  Such precious memories that I will cherish forever.

My sewing area hasn't changed a whole lot.  I did find this great chest of drawers at the Rusty Chandelier a few months ago.  It's perfect for storing my fabric.
downstairs bath

We don't get a lot of spend the night company, but we're ready for when we do!
Want to have a sleep over???

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