Saturday, July 20, 2013


Next Sunday we'll be taking off to Boston.  Michael is going to a conference, so the kids and I will be hanging out on our own during the days.  Neither of us have ever been and have been pouring over books and websites trying to make plans for the kids and me.  Do you have any must see spots or favorite places we should go?  So far, we're planning to walk the Freedom Trail, visiting Boston Common (kind of a central park in Boston and also right around the corner from our hotel), and maybe going to the aquarium.  I'm not sure about the aquarium yet; I've got to figure out how far it is from the hotel.  I'm really nervous about traveling too far with the kiddos alone.
I'm also hoping to meet up with Chelsea.  She's from Hattiesburg, but lives in Boston with her husband.  She and I have been internet friends for a while, but have never met in person.  The internet makes the world not seem quite so big, doesn't it?  She has such a beautiful etsy shop where she sells gorgeous vintage trinkets.

I'm also taking notes on traveling with a baby....any of you moms out there have tips for flying with an infant?
xo, Dawn

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