Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I don't know how you guys do dinner, but at our house it's usually a bit chaotic.  Anne has always been a really active child and easily distracted, which makes sit down meals challenging for her.
I read this article yesterday and feel compelled to try a little harder to make dinner time an enjoyable experience for everyone.
One thing that was pointed out in the article was not to badger your kids to eat, sit down, don't play with your food, etc.  Make it an environment that they want to be in.  This makes so much sense to me now...why didn't I think of this already?  If we're having fun and enjoying each other, she will want to as well.
One thing I am trying to do better at is meal planning.  We subscribe to emeals and for the most part everything has been really yummy.  We just haven't been very consistent in using it.  I have a terrible habit of waiting until 5pm and for the first time all day think "what will we have for dinner?" ...this is such a bad idea.
1. It usually ends up with us ordering out (which means we spend way more money than we want to on food.)
2. We'll eat whatever we can find quick in the cabinet or fridge (which means we fill up on snack type foods and never actually sit down together for a meal.)

placemat survey
I saw where Ashley over at LBB did a family survey and thought it would be a fun dinner topic.  Now I know Michael's all time favorite show is Bugs Bunny and Anne would buy a limo if she could have any car!  I bet we sat there for 30 minutes: laughing, talking, and sharing our whats and whys to each category.
And after we were all done, everybody just stayed in the kitchen.  I cleaned, Michael turned on the new Daft Punk, and we all had an epic dance party right there.


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