Tuesday, July 9, 2013


reading:  I'm trying to reread Jane Eyre at the moment with my book club girls.  We have kind of a movie thing going on...we read a book then watch the movie at our gathering :)  How are y'all doing girls?  I'm having a hard time since my lamp is unplugged beside my bed most of the time. (the baby monitor and phone charger take over my outlet!)  Obviously, this is laziness on my part!

excited about:  Lots of things at the moment...we're planning a camping trip next week at the lake, then Boston at the end of the month!  I've been getting lots of must see places to visit when we go to Boston.  I'd love to hear from you guys if you have a special place you think we'd love to go!

feeling: Motivated.  I've been doing a low carb diet for about 6 weeks and have lots about 6 pounds.  It seems like I've been at a stand still for the past couple of weeks, so this week I've switched over to calorie counting and added exercising.  It's only been two days, but I'm so happy to be running again!

eating: Lots of protein.

working on:  A special project for my new niece that will be here this month...I'll share more on this soon!

Happy Tuesday!
xo, Dawn

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