Tuesday, June 11, 2013


I love this time in baby hood.  Watching a baby try new foods is just too cute and funny.  The best part of Liam trying new foods, is it's inspiring Anne to venture out a little.  She is my picky child, and I'm hoping Liam is more like his mama!
Over the past week, we've given Liam some rice cereal and bananas.  Last night he had fresh avocado...MY favorite!
You can see here that Anne is really thinking hard about trying it.
Here she goes...
...almost there.
Then it was out again.
And I just loved his face here...so funny!  
 I'd definitely say he loved it!  Anne, not so much. :)  I was very proud of her for trying though.  I still have hope; I didn't start eating avocado until about 4 years ago.  You kind of have to get over that green mushy, slimy look.
xo, Dawn
P.S.  Liam's hair is killing me right now.  I swear he looks like a 90 year old man!  I'm thinking the blonde hair is coming!

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