Thursday, June 13, 2013


We bought this desk for $60 from a friend that was moving and needed to get rid of it.  Even though we really didn't have a great place for it, I couldn't pass it up!  We moved it into our living room where Anne quickly took it over as her art desk.  This wasn't a bad idea, except that she had a really hard time keeping her things organized and put away.  Typical behavior for a six year old I think.
So this is what it looked like most of the time.  It was an eye sore and pretty much the first thing you see when you walk up our stairs and into the living area.  It was a constant bother to matter how many times I tried to help Anne "get organized" this is what it ended up looking like a day later.
Now that the upstairs is completely finished, we are slowly setting it up as a play area for her and Liam.   So we decided to move her stuff upstairs and it's neatly stacked on a shelf in baskets for easy access and clean up.  So far this is working great!
Now that this desk is much more presentable, Michael and I have both found ourselves using it often.  He has made a few big break throughs with his dissertation (PTL!!!) and this gives him a nice place to work at home.
I'm so thankful for summer and getting lots of little projects done that have been looming for quite a while!
xo, Dawn

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