Saturday, March 9, 2013


Today we finally celebrated Anne's birthday with her friends from church.  She's been set on having a safari/zoo themed party for months now and has had her outfit planned for the past month.
It was the perfect weather to be outside, and seriously the easiest party we've ever thrown.

Instead of party hats I bought animal masks from amazon...big hit with the kiddos!  

The goodie bags had a few pieces of candy, pencils (for the scavenger hunt), and binoculars (also bought on amazon.)  I don't really recommend the binoculars though...several pair were tearing up before we even made it in the zoo.  I guess for the price, they weren't too bad though.

Anne got a little too close to the goat at the petting zoo and he nibbled part of her paper.  She was appalled.

It really was such a fun day.  I found myself feeling a little weepy as we arrived back home just because it was such a happy day.  I know that's weird, but don't you ever feel that way?  So happy you could just cry?  
I'm sure hormones and tiredness have nothing to do with it :) 
xo, Dawn

P.S. Liam was practically perfect and sat in his stroller the whole time...he was so good in fact, that I forgot to even take a picture of him.

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