Saturday, March 9, 2013


Today we finally celebrated Anne's birthday with her friends from church.  She's been set on having a safari/zoo themed party for months now and has had her outfit planned for the past month.
It was the perfect weather to be outside, and seriously the easiest party we've ever thrown.

Instead of party hats I bought animal masks from amazon...big hit with the kiddos!  

The goodie bags had a few pieces of candy, pencils (for the scavenger hunt), and binoculars (also bought on amazon.)  I don't really recommend the binoculars though...several pair were tearing up before we even made it in the zoo.  I guess for the price, they weren't too bad though.

Anne got a little too close to the goat at the petting zoo and he nibbled part of her paper.  She was appalled.

It really was such a fun day.  I found myself feeling a little weepy as we arrived back home just because it was such a happy day.  I know that's weird, but don't you ever feel that way?  So happy you could just cry?  
I'm sure hormones and tiredness have nothing to do with it :) 
xo, Dawn

P.S. Liam was practically perfect and sat in his stroller the whole time...he was so good in fact, that I forgot to even take a picture of him.

Friday, March 8, 2013


This little guys turned one month old on Wednesday!  We are enjoying every moment along the way.  Even though the sleepless nights get old quick, I know they won't last forever.  And when they're over that means my baby has already passed this little newborn stage...bittersweet.  

One month old stats:
-weighs: a whopping 10 pounds!!!
-length: not sure...I'm gonna guess around 21-22 inches
-Already moved out of the newborn clothing.
-sleeping: waking still about every 2-3 hours with the occasional 4 hour stretch
-eating: still nursing every 2-3 hours
-Other than having tummy aches from gas pains, this is the sweetest, most calm baby in the world.  I'm loving his chilled personality thus far...hopefully it's here to stay!  
-He gives the best snuggles.  There's just nothing much better than that little rapid baby breath on your neck.
-I'm not someone who does well with sitting at home for 6 weeks waiting for that magical day when you can finally take your baby out in public.  We've already been to church and made several appearances around town.  So far, he doesn't mind his car seat at all.

Next week is Anne's spring break and looks like it will be spring weather here in Mississippi...we'll be taking full advantage of it with lots of walks, days at the park, and maybe even a day trip somewhere fun!  Do you have any fun trips or activities planned?  I'd love to hear about it!



Wednesday, March 6, 2013


*Photos by Brooke Davis*

I'm overwhelmed with gratitude today.  The past month has been a many feedings, diaper changes, snuggles, sleepless nights, and just learning to live again with this new member of our family.  It's been amazing to have our friends and family helping us in so many ways.
Thank you for the gifts, meals, calls, sweet comments, and encouragement...we really couldn't have made it without you! least there would have been a lot more tears on my part :)

I feel so blessed to have these two littles in my care.  
They truly are the best part of my days.