Thursday, December 27, 2012


Christmas morning at our house was pretty magical this year.  We tried to keep the presents limited and focus on getting Anne things we knew she would enjoy and appreciate.  That included a puppy sleeping bag, a few stuffed animals, clothes and books.  She particularly loved her new diary that came with a lock!  Seriously the best $8 I spent this Christmas!
This year we let Anne do some of her own shopping.  I took her to the Dollar Tree and let her pick out presents for everyone on her list.  She seriously got some of the BEST gifts for people...including this grabber for Adam and a back scratcher for Papa.
Papa stole the show and bought her an iPad mini.  Now one of her favorite things to do is lay in her sleeping bag while playing her favorite games :)
But you know, if there's a cardboard box around it always becomes a toy!

xo, Dawn

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