Friday, November 23, 2012


Woah.  I certainly didn't mean to go that long without blogging.
You know, sometimes life just gets so busy that this whole blogging thing has to take a back seat...even though it's something I love.
I've decided that we really know no other way to live life than to be busy.  Other than being 28 weeks pregnant, working full time, and trying my best to be a good mama and wife--we're totally remodeling half of our house.  Thankfully the demo is mostly done so hopefully less dust will be flying around settling in every nook and cranny possible!
Phase one--which was a new laundry room is complete!  We're so thankful for this space.
Now the upstairs is in full swing.  We're adding a bathroom and walls that will create two bedrooms there.  It already looks so different with just the framing up!
These green brick walls made my day!  
Now if we can just make it without falling into a hole or two for the next few days :)


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