Sunday, September 9, 2012


This has been a pretty amazing weekend.  We've had lots of family time (my favorite!) and it was our first fallish day!
I thought our flowers outside our door looked awfully pretty and picture worthy.  
Anne and I have worked hard to keep them alive...there were some days that I wondered if they would make it, but a little water always seemed to do the trick. Thanks Erin for letting us use your water spicket! 
I made an apple pie and we bought a ladder ball set.
Anne got a new bike that we had to assemble, then she learned to ride it today!  
And here's my sweet husband looking too handsome not to snap a photo.  I think he could wear suspenders everyday :)
I still remember the day I learned how to ride a bike.  I told Anne she would probably remember this day forever.  At least I hope she does.  It was the kind of day you wish to never end and never to have to go back inside.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that these 80 degree days are here to stay a while and the 90's are waving goodbye.
Now we just have to work on turning and braking!
Hope your weekend was swell too!
xo, Dawn


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