Friday, August 3, 2012


Hello Dearies :) 

This is Michael and I’ve only kindof hacked Dawn’s blog today (shhh she doesn't know and she told me the password before so its not really hacking.. right?).. you may or may not know what today is, but you will in a moment. Today is a very very very very special day (besides it being friday). You see, somewhere around the middle of the day ten years ago, an absolutely beautiful, Godly woman told me that she would love me for the rest of her life. Haha!! ME!! Can you believe it??? I couldn’t! 

I still can’t... Sometimes I look around at where we are in life and I just can’t believe that its real. Every part of my life has Dawn’s fingerprint on it. She has affected me deeply and, to be honest, I’m hooked.

Over the past ten years I’ve changed and she’s changed.. in some ways we’ve become like each other, some ways we’ve each traded pieces of the other and dropped parts of ourselves.. its been pretty cool to watch, but one thing is for sure... I am better because of her :) 

Ten years ago we were twenty... I had two more years of undergrad and she had three. We would move into married housing (as it turns out, that would be the first time of two.. i wonder if we’ll go back some day) I went to school, was trying to love the youth at the church and worked a heap of hours in the mall.. she was going to school and working at a pediatric clinic.. we didn’t have any money, didn’t really have a plan, but God always took care of us.

Now we have a beautiful, brilliant, rockstar for a daughter (sigh.. she’s about to start kindergarten)..

and another due to arrive in February.  God is good!!!!!(in the hard times too)  and He still taking care of us. I truly hope that I am leading my family in a manner pleasing to Him. 

(I like that kid's face behind us)

Dawn, I want you to know that I knew you were the one for me way back. Even before you kissed me at JCJC... I knew that you were going to be my girl. 

You are my cherished one! I am so glad and thankful that we’ve gotten to grow up with each other for the past 10 years!! I love you, and am super excited about the next 10!!! 


p.s. if you guys see Dawn, please give her a big hug :) She doesn’t feel good