Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Well, I think this bump is officially out.  I had three people comment on it at school today :)  
I'm beyond excited to announce that I've been feeling so much better over the past three days!  I really can't describe how thankful I am....I could just cry about it.  I even came home today, cooked dinner and cleaned the kitchen.  I felt so accomplished!
Thank you all for the ideas you sent my way, prayers, and kind words.  They really have been such a blessing!

P.S.  Don't mind those piles behind me...we've just moved EVERYTHING from our laundry room/closet into our living room until we replace the flooring in there from a leak we had two months ago.
Oh the joys of owning a building that's almost 100 years old!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Annie comes to Laurel

Anne was so excited to audition for LLT's production of Annie.  Of course, she insisted on wearing her costume Uncle Adam and Aunt Lily gave her for her birthday.
She is going to be a baby orphan in the show... now if I can just get her to stay calm and listen to learn her dance we'll be in business :)
I think she's just the cutest thing, but I am her mother.

I'm pretty sure the show is going to be adorable, so make plans to come the first weekend in October if you live here!

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Obviously there's going to be a few weeks in between each post from now own.  
For those of you that actually look forward to my posts, sorry.
Still feeling nauseous, and school has begun so blogging hasn't been a top priority :)
I do hope it gets better. (The nausea and blogging.)
Do you know any tricks??  I feel like I've been a lab rat with all the home remedies I've tried, but you never know what may work!
I've started a new medicine and I'm hoping it will start far it hasn't been a miracle drug, but I have been throwing up less.  That's a positive thing, right?
Thanks again for reading even though posting is sporadic.  I really love this little space and still have big dreams for Hello Dearie.
xo, Dawn

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Weekend Wears.

Here's what Anne and I wore to Adam and Lily's rehearsal dinner this weekend and little 12-week baby bump. We had such a great weekend with lots of friends and family in town. Anne loved getting to dress up and I think it made me feel a little (not so sickly) as well. I'll do anything to make that happen. Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

on Anne: dress, Kohl's//shoes, saltwater sandals
on me: dress and purse, Click Boutique//shoes, sweedish hasbeens



Obviously the blog has been pretty quiet lately, with the exception of my husbands very sweet post last week on our tenth anniversary.  I was so shocked that he did that...such a sweet surprise!

Honestly, I just haven't felt up to blogging.  This pregnancy has almost gotten the best of me.  I'm so  overjoyed to be having another baby, but being nauseous and throwing up constantly for the past 6 weeks has been awful.  I always want to stay positive on this blog and I just haven't felt very positive lately.  It's hard to focus on the good things when you feel so badly.  I am thankful for my family and friends that have brought us food, cleaned my house, and taken care of us over the past several weeks.  

I'm 12 weeks and some days so hopefully the first trimester yuckiness will be over soon!!!  I'm praying.

Here's a few pictures from the past week or so...
the wedding...
and real, everyday life...

I finally did get those clothes folded.  Or maybe Michael did.  I can't remember.  Regardless, they aren't still sitting on the chair!

My sister also snapped a few pictures before the rehearsal dinner, so hopefully I'll get a 12 week update post up later today :)

Thanks for reading. I really appreciate you stopping by!
xo Dawn


Friday, August 3, 2012


Hello Dearies :) 

This is Michael and I’ve only kindof hacked Dawn’s blog today (shhh she doesn't know and she told me the password before so its not really hacking.. right?).. you may or may not know what today is, but you will in a moment. Today is a very very very very special day (besides it being friday). You see, somewhere around the middle of the day ten years ago, an absolutely beautiful, Godly woman told me that she would love me for the rest of her life. Haha!! ME!! Can you believe it??? I couldn’t! 

I still can’t... Sometimes I look around at where we are in life and I just can’t believe that its real. Every part of my life has Dawn’s fingerprint on it. She has affected me deeply and, to be honest, I’m hooked.

Over the past ten years I’ve changed and she’s changed.. in some ways we’ve become like each other, some ways we’ve each traded pieces of the other and dropped parts of ourselves.. its been pretty cool to watch, but one thing is for sure... I am better because of her :) 

Ten years ago we were twenty... I had two more years of undergrad and she had three. We would move into married housing (as it turns out, that would be the first time of two.. i wonder if we’ll go back some day) I went to school, was trying to love the youth at the church and worked a heap of hours in the mall.. she was going to school and working at a pediatric clinic.. we didn’t have any money, didn’t really have a plan, but God always took care of us.

Now we have a beautiful, brilliant, rockstar for a daughter (sigh.. she’s about to start kindergarten)..

and another due to arrive in February.  God is good!!!!!(in the hard times too)  and He still taking care of us. I truly hope that I am leading my family in a manner pleasing to Him. 

(I like that kid's face behind us)

Dawn, I want you to know that I knew you were the one for me way back. Even before you kissed me at JCJC... I knew that you were going to be my girl. 

You are my cherished one! I am so glad and thankful that we’ve gotten to grow up with each other for the past 10 years!! I love you, and am super excited about the next 10!!! 


p.s. if you guys see Dawn, please give her a big hug :) She doesn’t feel good