Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Tonight after reading a blog, I watched the documentary The Business of Being Born.  It's basically Ricky Lake's labor of love project (no pun intended.) It was definitely promoting home/natural birth, and I was really interested in seeing what they had to say about it.  It's crossed my mind a few times... and then quickly ran out the other side.  Honestly, I just don't know that I'm women enough for complete natural birth.  It's a really scary thing...and after watching the film, I just have mixed emotions about it all.  One huge turn off was when one guy made the comment that a women who doesn't have natural child birth can't bond with her baby.  I was like, really???!!  Obviously I disagree with this statement.  
I've never known anyone that has had a home birth...ever.  I kind of wish I did.  With Anne, I had the whole nine yards of a normal hospital birth.  My water broke, I went to the hospital, they started Pitocin (meds to make you contract), got that epidural around 6 cm, and not long after she was here.  I wouldn't say I had a bad experience by any means.  I loved my nurses and felt very taken care of while there.  
I'm certain I will probably have a very similar experience this time around.  Although I'm curious about home/natural birthing, I don't think I could ever commit to it.
What about you? What are your thoughts?


  1. i ain't trying to be a hero. give me the drugs. i endured about 2 hours of the most god-awful pain before i was allowed my epidural, and that was enough for me to say NO WAY!!

  2. My husband and I watched this not too long ago, and I'm currently expecting right now (due in november!). After seeing my sister in law and a few of my very close friends go through a pretty rough and rushed experience with the hospital we opted for a more natural birth through a birthing center and both agreed (after MUCH research and heavy discussion) that it was best for the both of us and our family. For us it had nothing to do with being a "hero" or anything along those lines, we just wanted a more personal experience that we know the hospital in our area does not give. Especially since a few of our hospital have extremely high c-section rates (not that there is anything wrong with c-sections if necessary or wanted)....it just isn't for us. Anyways, I also have NOT given birth yet...so my opinion may very well change after that ;).


  3. Just found your lovely blog through Smile & Wave. I have 3 girls & a boy. After I delivered my third with an epidural that never took (it only numbed my left leg, lol) I delivered her naturally & though it was a little uncomfortable I felt so wonderful that I could do something that had seemed so scary before. When we found out I was expecting our 4th there was no question we would do a home birth. My husband was a little nervous in the beginning though. I loved my midwife & her assistant. Office visits were relaxed & one on one. I even brought my kids to visits a couple of times & they were able to sit on the bed with me & listen to the heart beat or "help" measure my ever growing belly. When it came time for the birth everything happened pretty quickly. Our little guy got a bit stuck at the very end but my midwife was very swift in helping to get him out. I delivered our 10lb 3oz baby in our living room in a pool. It was an awesome experience! Even my husband who wasn't too sure about things in the beginning, loved how calm & peaceful the whole experience was. I'd do it again in a heartbeat. With that being said I would never judge those who choose to birth in a hospital. I'd love to recommend a book that I really enjoyed reading & found a lot of courage in. It's Ina May's Guide to Childbirth. There are a few stories that I was like, hum....don't know how comfortable I'd be with that....a little too different for me (you'll know what I'm talking about when you read them, lol) it helped me to realize that I could listen & trust in what my body could do.

  4. i found your blog through smile and wave, too :) i think there are a bunch of different options for a reason - everyone needs something different. i just had my first home birth - which i loved - but i hate that there is a sentiment out there that home birth or unmedicated birth is 'best.' i did a homebirth because after a unpleasant hospital experience, i couldn't see myself returning there to birth a baby without a lot of fear and anxiety, but i've known many, many people who loved their hospital births. to each their own, i say. i must say that putting in the work and preparation and going through the entire process of birth and seeing my body do it all on it's on was pretty humbling and empowering, but i'd say the same thing for any type of birth, but there is a different kind of feeling when you do it all yourself, in your own home.

  5. i love that documentary...but as a labor and delivery nurse in a hospital....i was taken back by a few things. They're cases where a medical emergency can happen and frankly with our technology why would you not use it??

    do i agree with the fact the we (in the hospital) intervene to much. yes! i hate how doctors push to use pitocin just because a patient isn't progressing fast enough, or having the typical 5pm c/section for "failure to progress" aka i don't want to be up all night!

    but i also feel that we live in a country where these interventions can also saves lives.

    i love taking care of "natural" patients they have a tremendous amount of courage, strength and emotion. it makes me proud to be a women and mom!

  6. Hey dawn, i have a friend i worked with at howards a few years back named raven rayner. she is on my friend list on facebook. look her up. she has 4 or 5 children and the first 3 (i think) were home births! she knows all about it!! she is from california and has midwives in her family. she is very sweet woman and very open about her births. hope this helps:) and congrats!!

  7. Hi Dawn! I also found your blog through Smile and Wave. :) I do not usually comment on blogs but I thought I would on this post. I am a young mother with a 5 yr. old, 3 yr. old, and 11 month old --- all born at home. It was actually my sweet husband that was interested in homebirth first, I on the other was NOT and would actually get upset when he wanted to talk about it. But then I started researching and found that it might actually be for me. All three births went very well. I found I liked the coziness of recovering at home and how relaxed all three experiences were. I am a petit person, and all our babies have weighed over 8 lbs! Sometimes I wonder what my experience at a hospital would have been like, if they thought I would be able to do it or not. I do not know if it is for you or not, only you do. :) But that it my experience. I am so happy you are feeling better with the morning sickness, Take care!

    1. Thank you for your comment Brooke! It great to hear that you had great home births! I really wish I could do it but I'm afraid i'll end up doing another hospital birth...just not brave enough! Thanks for visiting and I hope you come back!
      Xo dawn

  8. Hello, I just stumbled upon your blog through instagram and found this posty ;) my 2nd child was born naturally 7 months ago. I had her in a hospital because I wanted to be there "just in case" and I had WONDERFUL nurses and the best OB ever so it was a great experience.
    First, you ARE woman enough (we all are!) but it's totally a personal choice and it's not for everyone, we are al different and every birth is different but don't fool yourself into thinking you can't do it! I think that no matter how a child is born, birth is amazing and beautiful. I wasn't trying to be a "hero" or out-do anyone. It sort of hurts my feelings when women make statements like that because it's not about that at all. I did it for my own reasons just like anyone else does. I certainly don't think less of anyone who chooses an epidural, I had one with my first child!
    The truth is, it is REALLY hard I'm not going to lie. But it was a wonderful experience that I wouldn't trade. It was so worth it when I held my little girl :)
    Also, I want to say one thing about the bonding. I wondered if the fact that I didnt "instantly" bond with my firstborn was because I had an epidural. But when I had Ava Kate, I noticed the same slow bonding that I had before. Not sure if it was hormonal or what but I am not the mommy that sobs at birth and is instantly completely in love, it's a process for me. I have to get to know my baby for a bit. Don't get me wrong, I love my babies when they are born and when they are in my belly but it takes me a few days till I feel that complete head over heels mad love! I've never really talked about that much but wanted to note that even with a natural birth sometimes those hormones are wacky!
    Congrats on your little one and I hope you have an amazing birth no matter how or where you choose to give birth!