Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Tonight after reading a blog, I watched the documentary The Business of Being Born.  It's basically Ricky Lake's labor of love project (no pun intended.) It was definitely promoting home/natural birth, and I was really interested in seeing what they had to say about it.  It's crossed my mind a few times... and then quickly ran out the other side.  Honestly, I just don't know that I'm women enough for complete natural birth.  It's a really scary thing...and after watching the film, I just have mixed emotions about it all.  One huge turn off was when one guy made the comment that a women who doesn't have natural child birth can't bond with her baby.  I was like, really???!!  Obviously I disagree with this statement.  
I've never known anyone that has had a home birth...ever.  I kind of wish I did.  With Anne, I had the whole nine yards of a normal hospital birth.  My water broke, I went to the hospital, they started Pitocin (meds to make you contract), got that epidural around 6 cm, and not long after she was here.  I wouldn't say I had a bad experience by any means.  I loved my nurses and felt very taken care of while there.  
I'm certain I will probably have a very similar experience this time around.  Although I'm curious about home/natural birthing, I don't think I could ever commit to it.
What about you? What are your thoughts?


Finally sharing a few more photos from our baby announcement shoot.
xo, Dawn

Monday, July 16, 2012


I'm 9 weeks pregnant and already got a little baby pooch...  I know this is my second, but I seriously feel like my belly popped out at week 6.  This can't be a good indicator of what's to come of my body over the next several months.  Flowy dresses have been a life saver :) 
I've been struggling with morning sickness quite a bit.  Why do they call it that anyway?  So far it's been all day sickness.  I am thankful for such a loving husband and sister that are constantly checking on Anne and me!
There's all kinds of exciting things going on around here.  I'll be back with another post soon!
xo Dawn

Monday, July 9, 2012


...traveling to see Coldplay...the most amazing concert we've ever been to!
...satisfying baby cravings.  These have mostly been anything fruity or cold!
...playing with the kitty and spending lots of time on the couch.  
So far this first trimester is kicking my tail, but I'm grateful for so many people that have been super helpful to me and Anne!  
What have you been up to?
xo, Dawn

Sunday, July 1, 2012


We got together with some of our favorite people last night and had a progressive dinner.  Our good friends The Anderson's live only a few blocks away, yet we'd never seen their house.  We had never had them over either.  So we got Adam and Lily involved and the Davis' and made it a party!  It was such a fun fun night. 
Appetizers at the Anderson's...I'm not sure what this is called, but it was delicious.  You just can't go wrong with bacon, tomato, and cheese!
Main course at Adam and Lily's...and of course they pulled out all the stops.  Lily cooked some kind of Boston butt...and made it into the most amazing barb-q you've ever put in your mouth.  Pair that with her coleslaw, butter eggs (deviled eggs), corn on the cob, and fresh lemonade and you've got yourselves a mighty fine meal.
 Lastly we came to our house for Michael's famous banana's foster and coffee...which of course didn't disappoint.  Anne and Izzy played dress up and entertained while we chatted and wound down to Bob Dylan's music playing softly in the background.  
I'm so thankful for good friends and that our family lives so close.  I don't know what I'd do without them.
xo, Dawn