Friday, June 8, 2012


I didn't really like pimento cheese growing up.  I always saw it in those little containers in the grocery store but it never looked very appetizing.  A few years ago, a friend made some homemade and I decided to give it a try...well, I've never turned back.  Now I'm a pimento cheese eating machine.  Okay, maybe not quite that gung ho over it, but I do love it now!  I used my friends recipe and tweaked it a little and this is what I've come up with.  It's incredibly easy and keeps for a couple of weeks in the fridge.
Here's what I used.
I like to blend the sharp with a colby/jack.  And I don't mind the Winn Dixie brand's just as good as the other stuff to me.  
I grate half of each block of cheese, but you could certainly use both blocks...just depends on how much you're wanting to make.  Since I'm the only pimento cheese eater at our house, I use half.
This is also a great job to get the kids involved in.
The roasted red peppers instead of regular pimentos is really the best idea ever.  I diced about 1/4 cup (or maybe a little less.)
Add about two tablespoons of mayonaise and a dash of Tony's (or just salt and pepper) and mix well.
Now you've got yourself some pimento cheese.  Cover and refrigerate.
Now if you want something really yummy, make yourself a grilled sandwich with this stuff.  It's seriously my favorite lunch!
Hope you enjoy!
xo, Dawn


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  1. ohhh YUMMY! i'll have to try that out for sure!! found you via be freckled and am excited to follow along xo