Wednesday, May 23, 2012


There's lots of things that I'm wanting to do this summer, so I thought it'd be fun to make a know, so I don't forget what I'm supposed to do for fun :)

1. To kick off our summer, we're headed to DISNEY WORLD for a few days!  I can't wait to experience the magic again!
2. Hopefully there will be lots of swimming days at the pool with friends.  All of you friends with pools, can we come swim???
3. Visits to the library.  I've missed our reading times at the library since I went back to work...we plan to get lots of visits in this summer!
4. The living room wall is still bare...Hopefully I will gather my wits about what to do with this massive blank wall.
5. Catch up on blog reading...I'm so behind on my favorite blogs. I miss these people that I barely know.
6. Organize.  I'm constantly trying to simplify my life.  I want to get our house organized!
7. Do daily art projects with Anne.  I want to spend more time creating things and have less screen time.
8. Blog.  I'm tired of telling myself I'm gonna be a more consistant blogger...I'm just gonna do it! 
9. Discover new places.  There are so many cool little towns in MS.  I want to go exploring!
10.  Camping.  We'll be doing a few weekends of this hopefully.  We love to camp!

What are you doing fun this summer???
I'd love to know :)
xo, Dawn


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  1. I'm with ya, sista, on #6 and #8. I used to be organized...or at least somewhat. Now, it's total chaos in this house. I can't keep blaming it on the boys ;P And the blogging thing - it's something I war with. I'm always saying, "This week I'll blog," but it never happens. At least you're more consistent than I am!

    As for the rest of your stuff, it sounds you have some awesome things in the works. I know you'll enjoy your time off with Anne!