Tuesday, April 10, 2012

house tour: the kitchen

 This is probably my favorite room in this apartment...well, at least one of them!  The light from the windows make it bright and cheerful and it's the perfect place where friends and family gravitate to grab a cup of coffee, share a meal together, or just sit at the table and visit.

I'm in love with these posters that Erin designed for our local farmer's market and chili cook off!

I feel beyond blessed to live in such a beautiful place.   Downtown Laurel is definitely the place to be people :)
xoxo, Dawn


  1. Dawn, this is a beautiful space that you guys have created out of love. Thank you for sharing with me. Which building do you all live in? I love that people are moving back downtown and renovating the buildings instead of tearing them down. My heart is still broken over the demolition of The Pinehurst Hotel. Can you imagine what that space would have meant to Laurel had it been saved. Laurel's own "Peabody". Good luck to you, Erin and all the other brave one's that are getting back to downtown Laurel and working to save our precious town.
    Lisa Trest Smith

  2. Beautiful, I love your hutch!! I've been looking for one for our dining room.

  3. Dawn, I put off joining Facebook for so long....now I see how left out I have been! I LOVE your photos!! You are sooo creative. Congrats on the baby boy, and what a creative way to share the news!! I have been anxious about seeing the apartment...the pictures are great! It looks so homey!! You guys are richly blessed! : )