Sunday, January 29, 2012


This weekend I went to a good, old fashioned auction.
Dink and I loaded up and headed out around 8:30 to the little community outside of Meridian.
I could honestly say I had never heard of a place called Whynot before.  
The auction was held in the old community school auditorium.  It reminded me so much of where I went to elementary school.  

It was quite exhilarating to bid on items.  
I was excited to come home with a few great things like some of the old light blue mason jars, a candy jar, an old hat rack, a chair, and four boxes of wooden doll house furniture.  

More than anything, I enjoyed spending the day with Dink.  It's like being with a living history book when he's around :)

xo, Dawn


  1. Beautiful photographs Dawn! I love your style and angle. I hope your week is wonderful. xo, rv

  2. I love the ball jars and blue glass! Let me know if you hear of another one coming up :) I'm doing all I can to find pieces like that for the wedding :)
    The auctions sounds like it was awesome :) I hope you have a great week!

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