Wednesday, January 18, 2012

a run through our neighborhood

I went for my first run in our new neighborhood this week.  I won't mention how long it's actually been since my last run...don't ask.
I was quickly overwhelmed by all of the beautiful scenery and history around me.

After my run, I stopped at the fountain beside the Episcopal church.  I felt an overwhelming need to sit and be quiet for a moment.  I tried to really pray and talk to God about things.   There's obviously still lots of hurt around us since the accident, and at times it's more than I can take.  I know that God is good, but there are still times when I wonder why this has happened to our family.  
I'm pretty sure these are normal feelings though. 

P.S. We are slowly but surely feeling settled here.  There are less boxes everyday, thank goodness!  As soon as things are semi normal, we're having a BIG shindig and inviting all of our friends!!!
xo, Dawn

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