Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Williams Brothers

As you drive north on HWY 15 from Laurel, you may see this red building on the right when you pass through Philadelphia.  You probably won't think much of it and just keep driving....but don't.
You won't be sorry!
When you walk in to the likely crowded store, the first thing you'll see is two men cutting bacon and cheese.  Not just any rind hoop cheese.  I never can eat this cheese without thinking of my Grandma Red.  She loved this stuff.
They also have an amazing shoe department.  I was definitely drooling over some mini Minnetonka boots for Anne, but just couldn't see paying $50 for shoes that she can only wear one year.
But really, the cheese is where it's at.  
It also makes a nice snack for the rest of the trip home :)
xo, Dawn

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