Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Why blog?

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This blog is nearing it's 2 year anniversary.  That's still really hard to believe, and is a huge success for me.  Normally I get bored with things easily, but for some reason blogging has stuck.  
I was talking to Michael this morning about how, once again, I have failed to be consistent with working out.  Like so many other areas of my life, this just doesn't come easy to me.  Then I started spiraling down into the negative about how I am so inconsistent with most everything I want in my life.  Then I remembered that I've kept this blog for almost two years, with no intentions of stopping soon. 
All of this got me to thinking...why do I blog?  why is this little space so important to me?
I'm sure there are tons of answers to those questions.  When I first started, it was to promote our business and share inspiration and projects.  Since then, it has become so much more.  To make this a little easier on me I decided to make a list :)
silly faces

*Blogging is much like scrapbooking to me.  I love having this to remember all of the fun times we've had together.  I hope that one day when Anne grows up she'll enjoy looking back on her childhood through these posts.

*It's given me the opportunity to learn so much!  I would have never cared about CSS or coding had I not started blogging.

*Because of number 2, Michael and I have had lots more in common.  Him being the computer genius in the house, I never felt the need to learn these things. He's now my go to guy when I have questions about coding and stuff.

*I've had the opportunity to get to "know" so many people online.  I love the blogging community.  For the most part, people are really supportive of each other and seem to want others to succeed.

*Through blogging and reading blogs, I've figured out who I am a little more and become more confident in that person.  For example, the thought of taking pictures and doing an outfit post scared me to death a year ago. Now it's really fun...I guess I am just trying not to take myself so seriously :)

Do you blog?  What are some things that you love about it?

xoxo, Dawn



  1. I love this post! It's something I think about often. Great job. xo, rv