Wednesday, October 5, 2011

weekly wardrobe: Rodeo Drive

Well, this week's outfit post just happens to be from our day at Rodeo Drive!
There's really nothing special about it...just happened to be what I was wearing yesterday :)  Since Jennifer (my cousin) was still here with us, we took full advantage of having a car at our disposal.  We drove to Beverly Hills, window shopped on Rodeo, and went to Hollywood.  It was a fun day.

Anne got Wheezy the penguin at Disney the other day, and they've been inseparable.  She was so funny taking these pictures...we'd take like two steps and then she'd strike a pose and say "take my picture!"  I'm afraid we've created a little monster :)

We saw this Bugatti.  I don't suspect I'll be seeing one of these on the streets at home.
You see my shorts underneath my you know why I need them  :)

I was too afraid to take Anne in the shops on Rodeo, but we sure had fun window shopping!
outfit details on Anne:  dress and sweater, Target  shoes, Cienta for kids
my dress and sweater, Target  shoes, Kenzie from Belk

P.S. I'll be back later today with our Hollywood pictures :)

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