Friday, October 21, 2011

Rocket City Diner

They've just reopened this local favorite and have been slam packed since opening day.  We decided to finally go check it out on a Monday night since the wait wasn't quite as long...only 30 minutes.
Lots of people remember going here as kids, but for some reason I missed out on this jewel as a child.
I think I will make up for it as an adult and live through my own child.  
I absolutely loved the atmosphere and style.  50's music is seriously some of my favorite tunes.  

The food was pretty great too.

Another hour and I think Anne would have mastered the hoola hooping.  She loved it :)

If you're local, I definitely recommend it.  I can imagine a pretty sweet date here where you share a milkshake and eat a burger and fries. :)

Happy Friday, y'all!
xo, Dawn

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  1. Dawn I LOVE these pictures! You've got an eye girl :) -Kaylee