Thursday, October 6, 2011

rainy day in LA

I had hoped for Anne and I to go to Santa Monica yesterday, but when we woke up it was raining.  So instead, we had a restful day around the hotel.
I saw this hair bow tutorial by Katie over on Elsie's blog and couldn't wait to try it!  Anne just loved it :)  This turned into me watching hair tutorials on youtube for the next hour...I'm excited to try some new looks!
Later, when I realized we had an amazing movie theater right next to us, we decided to go see a movie.  The choices were Lion King 3d or Dolphin Tale3d.  Anne had already seen both and chose Dolphin Tale which I had not seen.  It was a super sweet movie...I found myself tearing up several times.

Michael was finally done with all of his stuff around 6, so we decided to have a birthday dinner for me!  Yes, today I'm 30.  :)  We chose to eat at the Wolfgang Puck Bar and Grill.  Terrible service, but the food was amazing!
L.A. Live (where we've been staying all week) is such an amazing place.  I feel like I'm in a futuristic movie when I walk around here...huge TVs EVERYWHERE with advertisements.  It's crazy.

Today we will be headed home.  This really has been an amazing trip!  I couldn't have asked for a better birthday week :)
Looking forward to more birthday festivities this weekend!!!

Love, Dawn

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