Thursday, October 27, 2011

the pumpkin patch

I've been noticing all of the cute pumpkin patch photos floating around all of the blogs I read lately.
I've noticed how everyone's wearing a sweater or coat, maybe a scarf, that the weather looks lovely.
Well, here in south Mississippi, you can bet that  the highs will be around 90 degrees on our day to go...or at least that's been our luck the past few years :)  I wish that Anne was wearing some cute fall outfit, but all of those have long sleeves people!  Not a good choice when you're sweating and trying to stay cool.
So, here are OUR pumpkin patch pictures.
Anne's idea of finding the best pumpkin was that it had to be the biggest one in the field.
It was so hot, we didn't even get a family picture.  The heat never has been good for my brain!

I hope your trip was a little cooler!
I have half a mind to try to make the trip again just to get some decent photos...but who has time for that!?
xo, Dawn

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