Sunday, October 2, 2011

lions, tigers, and bears...

oh my!...wait, this post has nothing to do with The Wizard of Oz.

We did, however, see lots of animals today at the Los Angeles Zoo.  
I know we should have figured out a way to make it to the San Diego Zoo, but we were a little unsure about driving around here and figured LA's would at least be better than our zoo at home.  
Despite the 97 degree weather, losing $40 bucks at an ATM, paying $160 for a taxi, we still managed to have a great day.  We decided yesterday that our theme for the trip would be "float on" and it definitely helped us keep a positive attitude today. 
This is how Anne spent much of the day...such a sweet daddy :)
gray sea lion
We LOVED the koala bears!  I think Anne wanted to take one home!

cooling off in the sprinkler
Here are a few things I'm thinking about Los Angeles:
-For the most part, the people have been super friendly.
-The cost of a taxi is A LOT more than I expected.
-It takes a long time to get anywhere.
-The LAX airport is one of the busiest places I've ever seen.  We've got a great view of the landing strip from our hotel we're staying in this weekend and I swear there is a plane that lands ever 2-4 minutes.

We are really excited to visit a couple of local churches tomorrow, but will definitely be missing our CrossPointe family!
Hope you all are having a great weekend!
hugs from LA,


  1. YAY! I found your blog! I hope you enjoy the rest of your stay in L.A. I forgot to mention that its dineLA time!
    During this week, restaurants have meal deals with set menus for a much more affordable price! I think they may even have it for restaurants near the hotel.

  2. BTW - What was the running method called again?!