Wednesday, October 5, 2011


After our walk down Rodeo Drive yesterday, we headed out to Hollywood.  I envisioned that we'd get to go take pictures close to the sign, but alas, they have it pretty blocked off.
This was the best I could get.

It was pretty cool to see it in person, though :)

For lunch we headed over to Umami Burger.  It's a Japanese burger joint.  It had a different taste to a traditional burger, but really tasty.  They made their own ketchup, which was the most delicious thing to me!  We went to the Los Feliz location hoping to see some celebrities... We didn't spot anyone, but I did see, Victor, one of the designers from Project runway at Starbucks that morning!

We even saw the tattoo shop where they film LA Ink.  No sign of Kat Von D though...

We still haven't seen much of Michael.  I'm pretty sure he has been in technology heaven.  Apparently Adobe is coming out with some really cool things soon.
Today is rainy and cold. We just ran across the street to Starbucks for breakfast, but we are mostly just hanging out at the hotel.  My goal is to try to get Anne and myself back on MS time before we leave tomorrow.  We're excited to see our family and friends soon!
xo, Dawn

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