Monday, September 19, 2011

blog redesign

This is kind of old news now, but have you noticed that I've made a few changes to the blog over the past couple of weeks?
I'm really interested in learning how to do blog design.  I love that it makes me feel super smart when I figure out some little piece of code or some trick in photo shop.

photo from Pugly Pixel
I've discovered Pugly Pixel and can't describe my excitement when she walked me through how to add my custom pages across the top of my blog!  I almost screamed, which would have definitely been inappropriate since I was sitting in the middle of Starbucks.  She has several tutorials on blog design and gives away tons of freebies for photoshop!  I'm loving her oh so much.
 If you're looking to spruce up your blog on a budget and learn a few things, check out her blog! She has so much to offer!
Happy Monday!
xoxo, Dawn


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