Monday, August 1, 2011

a restyled dress

restyled dress, outfit
I bought this dress about 2 years ago from Dirt Cheap.  It was a super sweet fabric and I really loved the dress.  The only problem was that it happened to be a little longer than I liked and the sleeves were a little tight.  In the before picture I had actually already hemmed the dress.  Originally it was about 3-4 inches below the knee.
I decided that I would try to remove the sleeves.  I figured either I would love it and wear the dress all the time, or hate it and count my $5 spent as a loss.  I just couldn't wear it again with those tight sleeves.
outfit, restyled dress
restyled dress
restyled dress
So, now I love it and am wearing it all the time. 
dress and belt: thrifted
shoes: target
headband: Beetlebutton


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  1. Your are still as cute as ever! =)