Sunday, July 31, 2011

weekend photos: Fairhope

What a fun weekend this has been!
Anne and I took off early Friday morning headed for Fairhope for a girl's weekend with Gigi.
Can I just say, this is such an endearing town. 
You really should visit if you get the chance.  I loved it's downtown atmosphere and the quaint feeling it gives.  It seems like most of our family is either living there or on there way...
Don't worry, I'm pretty sure we're not going anywhere anytime soon!

It will be a fun little get away every now and then, though.

First thing was lunch at MaryAnn's, where I had the BEST salad with the freshest vegetables ever!

It was also the open house for Aunt Cindy's antique store.

Reason number #31,254 that Anne loves Aunt Cindy.  She loves to break it down!

 We didn't eat at Fly Creek Cafe, but it's a must if you're ever in Fairhope. 
Try the fish tacos :)

We also made time for a day on the beach, and dinner at Lulu's.

Now, we are glad to be home to see daddy and sleep in our own beds!


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